Surface: 26,43 km²
Population: 1.303
Sunshine hours: an average of 2500 hours per year
general information



Lopar is a picturesque place in the north of the island, a little more than 10 kilometers from the center of Rab and is well connected with the rest of the island of Rab. It is the birthplace of St. Marino, the founder of the first and oldest republic in the world: the Republic of San Marino in Italy. If you came to Lopar from the direction of the town of Rab, the first monument you will come across is dedicated to him. In his honor, the tourist resort and camp in our immediate vicinity are called San Marino. A cheerful place with a lot of diversity that has mostly kept the connection with the past on the island, which is visible in the way of life and dialect of its inhabitants. Apart from wooded areas and other natural beauties, Lopar has many sandy beaches, 22 of which are by far the most famous being Paradise Beach.

Paradise beach as part of the tourist resort of San Marino is located near our accommodation, about a hundred meters, and this beach stretches over 2 kilometers of uninterrupted sandy paradise, so it is rightly named the most beautiful beach in this part of the Adriatic. Also, its beauty is accompanied by numerous sports and recreational facilities, cultural events and restaurants with a rich gastronomic offer. In addition to Paradise Beach, natural beaches include Livačina, Sahara, Ciganka and many others, as well as the surrounding islands, among which Goli Otok is certainly the most popular for tourists.

Goli Otok was turned into a political camp in 1948 by the Yugoslav authorities and remained for that purpose for a full 40 years, until its closure in 1988. Today it is a popular destination for tourists and it can be seen prison cells where former inmates spent time as well as metal, wood and stone plant, which are part of the industrial zone where inmates worked during their stay on the island.

As a place of rich history that adheres to its tradition, Lopar not only offers a rich gastronomic offer and natural wealth, but cultural events such as Fishermen’s Evenings and Lopar Night try to bring tourists and other visitors closer to their values ​​from the past but also preserve the same values. their ancestors passed down from generation to generation.